How to get involved

I Was Here exists for two core reasons: to bring art into the public space and instill a deeper understanding of our common humanity, and to redefine the perception of the black community by conveying strength, power, beauty and humanity. These will only increase, as participation by our community grows.

There are several ways to get involved, beyond purchasing art:


Business Owners/Public spaces

How it works:

  • We’ll measure your display area.

  • Your tapestry is custom made for you.

  • We’ll install it. We can make the installation temporary or permanent.

The ideal is to keep the display public forever. This is a permanent memorial, and we are ever grateful that you have chosen to share it with the community. Pricing and which specific Ancestor Spirit portrait is for you is subject to discussion.



Our goal is to spark discussion that heals the wounds of the past. What is your ideal for a future rooted in equality?

  • Host a town hall or community discussion.

  • Share your feelings, experiences and reasons for joining the project on social media with the hashtags:
    #iwashere #wearehere

  • Share your story or just share the project with the hashtags:
    #iwashere #wearehere #iwasherelexington #weareherelexington

  • Follow I Was Here on Facebook.