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The 'I Was Here' Project

Renee speaks with Marjorie Guyon and Barry Darnell Burton of the "I Was Here" project, which combines poetry and portraits to create a memorial to those sold at one the largest slave auction sites in the United States - Cheapside - in the heart of Lexington, Kentucky.

The Winchester Sun

‘I saw me’ - I Was Here street museum seeks to heal wounds, evoke pride

In a society filled with negative racial stereotypes, Joyce Morton said she finally saw a representation of herself among the “I Was Here” images hanging in downtown windows. “I saw me,” Morton told the crowd that sat together in the Leeds Center for the Arts auditorium …


The Winchester Sun

Portrait project seeks to help bridge divides of race, class

Clark County residents will soon take part in the first-ever outdoor museum in downtown Winchester. It will feature more than 20 “hauntingly beautiful ancestor portraits,” which Winchester resident and supporter of the project Syndy Deese said …


The Winchester Sun

Artists plan to bring project to Winchester

They were here. African-American men and women were here, waiting to be bought and sold. They were here — as mothers, daughters, sisters, brothers, fathers and sons — facing unspeakable horrors and stripped of their humanity.



WATCH Dozens gather at Cheapside Park sanctification ceremony

Many say they joined to honor and bless the individuals sold as slaves at Cheapside Park more than a century ago.



I Was Here Invitation

I Was Here seeks to sanctify the ground where enslaved Africans were bought and sold and asks us to create a common path forward where all are honored. “We envision These Ancestor Spirit Portraits  becoming  a permanent memorial in Cheapside Square.” 


Lexington Herald-Leader

Windows to empathy on Lexington public square are worth seeing. (Really seeing.)

A public art project in Lexington is challenging us to really see each other, at a time when political divisions in this country are so fierce as to be called “tribal.”


Wells Fargo Stories

Bringing a community, and country, together through art

An outdoor art exhibit in Lexington, Kentucky, has transformed the site of a former slave auction into an outdoor museum designed to unify a community.



'I Was Here!': Works of art in Cheapside remind public of Lexington's slave-trading past

Several works of art in Lexington's Cheapside serve as a reminder to those who frequent the downtown area of what used to happen when it was a slave auction block.

How 3 artist are reminding Lexington of Cheapside’s dark past

Nikky Finney had a near-daily ritual when she lived in Lexington. … ”On one walk, she was stopped cold by Kentucky Historical Marker No. 2122 at the Cheapside slave auction block next to the old courthouse building.