How 3 artist are reminding Lexington of Cheapside’s dark past

Nikky Finney had a near-daily ritual when she lived in Lexington. … ”On one walk, she was stopped cold by Kentucky Historical Marker No. 2122 at the Cheapside slave auction block next to the old courthouse building.



'I Was Here!': Works of art in Cheapside remind public of Lexington's slave-trading past

Several works of art in Lexington's Cheapside serve as a reminder to those who frequent the downtown area of what used to happen when it was a slave auction block.


Wells Fargo Stories

Bringing a community, and country, together through art

An outdoor art exhibit in Lexington, Kentucky, has transformed the site of a former slave auction into an outdoor museum designed to unify a community.


Lexington Herald-Leader

Windows to empathy on Lexington public square are worth seeing. (Really seeing.)

A public art project in Lexington is challenging us to really see each other, at a time when political divisions in this country are so fierce as to be called “tribal.”